Safari Tips

Kenya Safari Tips

While on safari...

Keep to designated roads or tracks

Encourage your driver to stay on the road or designated tracks when visiting national parks or reserves. Off road driving can cause extensive damage to grass and woodland habitats.

Minimise disturbance to animals

Wild animals become distressed when they are surrounded by several vehicles or vehicles come close to them. Keep noise to a minimum and never try to attract animals attention.

Stay Inside your vehicle at all times

Do not stand on the roof or hangout of the windows, and leave your vehicle in designated areas. Remember; wild animals can be dangerous.

Keep to speed limit

Most wildlife areas have a speed limit of 40km per hour and animals always have the right of way.

Support Eco-friendly accommodation facilities

Try to stay in lodges and camps that look after their surrounding environment and support local conservation initiatives.

Never Feed Wild Animals

Feeding wild animals can upset their diet and lead to unatural dependance upon people.

Take care not to disturb the ecological balance

Please do not purchase, collect or remove any animal products, rocks ,plants ,seeds or birds nests from the wild or rather the natural environment in any way.

Take all your litter with you

Litter and garbage is very dangerous to the wild animals, keep all litter with you and be extremely careful with cigarettes and matches which can cause major bush fires

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