5 Days Mount Kenya Climbing Safari using Sirimoni Route - Mountain Hiking and climbing Safari in Kenya

The Sirimoni Route ascends Mount Kenya from the North-Western side of the mountain. The Sirimoni route is a more scenic route as it is located on the drier side of mount Kenya hence offers more open spaces and views and good walking chances. You will climb through a mountane forest and through a wide ridge that directs to the summit region of the mountain. Sirimoni route is located on the Nowrthwest side of the mountain near the Nanyuki town.

Kenya Safari Itinerary

Day 1: Nairobi - Nanyuki

The first day of your Mount Kenya Climbing safari will see you depart after breakfast from Nairobi to Nanyuki, a small town on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Full day acclimatizing at the base town of Nanyuki, dinner and overnight

Day 2: Sirimoni Route Mount Kenya Path/Passage

Leave Nanyuki and drive to the Sirimoni gate from here you will follow the track going uphill through the Mount Kenya forest opening up to heath land in 3 hrs of trekking. The track leads to Judmier camp at 3300m. Dinner and overnight at Judmier Camp.

Day 3: Sirimoni Route Mount Kenya Climbing Safaris - Depart Judmier camp and trek/hike/Climbing towards Shipton's Camp

Depart after breakfast for a 900m ascent following the track uphill and fork left at the juction. An hour from Judmier, the track will cross the Ontulili river. You will proceed along the contours on the right through the moorland and cross the Liki north. Proceed up the hill towards Mackinder's valley. There are breath taking views from the valley as it winds up to the summits. Enjoy dinner and overnight at the Shipton's Camp which is 4200m.

Day 4: Sirimoni Route Mount Kenya Trekking Safari - Depart Shipton's Camp climbing towards Old Moses Camp and on to Point Lenana (Mount Kenya's Peak)

You will depart the Shipton's Camp at 3am pre-dawn and make an attempt at the peaks and through the steep rocky quarry which runs through a clearing on the cliff. You will arrive at point Lenana at 6:30am having walked for 3hrs. After seeing the sunrise, you will walk downwards to the Shipton's camp for your breakfast and descend lower to Old Moses/Judmaier camp for your dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Descend Mount Kenya to Nanyuki and Drive back to Nairobi

You will have your breakfast and descend through the mount Kenya rainforest for 2 hrs and catch your transport vehicle for your trip back to Nairobi.

End of Mount Kenya Trekking/Climbing/hiking Safari